1:28 World Championship

from the 2nd to the 4th of Febraury 2018 in Hamburg, Germany

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The race will be performed with the RCM Professional and Robitronic Lapcounter. We will use the smooth RCP side. Tracksize will be around 14x8 Meters.

Food and Drinks are available at the Track

Registered racers (101):

Aleš RipplMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock
Marcel MartickF1 Open
Ludvík ŠtefaníkMini-z Box Stock
Daniel Sauter2WD Stock Open
André MartickOpen
Frank Smoll2WD Le Mans Open
Quoilin François2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
Karl-Heinz MöllerMini-z Box Stock
Marvin RAHIR2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans Open
Milan MejzlikMini-z Box Stock Open
Manfred Bieber2WD Stock Open
Wolfgang WEBER2WD Stock Open
Philippe BREMS2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans F1 Open
Andreas Fichtinger2WD Stock Open
Sven AdolfMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock Open
Pierre-Olivier Massin2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans F1
Martí Crespí 2WD Stock Open
Olaf Götz2WD Stock
Jiří HofbauerMini-z Box Stock 2WD Le Mans
Philipp StadlerOpen
Oliver Hermann2WD Stock
Klaus Schulz2WD Stock
Ghosarossian Gregory2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
ilpo Saarimaa2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans F1
Macus ZawadilMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock
Steffen Taubert 2WD Stock Open
Valentin Dingher2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans F1 Open
Killian OTTO2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans F1
Francois Gré2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
José Baudry2WD Stock
Clint Hansen2WD Stock Open
Philippe Spataro2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
Félix DUMALANEDE2WD Le Mans Open
Franck RONDINEAU2WD Stock F1 Open
Thomas ROBIN2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans Open
Quentin MARIOT2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans Open
Ludovic AUFFRET2WD Stock F1 Open
Florian GenzMini-z Box Stock
Sébastien Roux2WD Stock Open
Laurent SastreOpen
Matthieu Da Rocha2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans Open
Gilles Le Pienec2WD Le Mans Open
Julien JonasMini-z Box Stock
Alexandre Thibert2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans Open
Stéphane Mareymat2WD Stock F1
Jan Roos2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
Nathan Berthaut2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
Nicolas Berthaut2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
Remko Berendsen2WD Stock Open
Harri Hippi2WD Stock Open
Michael Skrotzki2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans F1
Walter Huemer2WD Le Mans F1 Open
Andre spaan2WD Stock Open
Adam Babka2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans F1 Open
Johannes Walter2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
Philippe LEIRAS2WD Le Mans Open
David ArbandtMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock
Falko ThorhauerMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
Johannes MuehlbacherOpen
Florian Kuipers2WD Stock Open
Jürgen Kleist2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
Mark Jacob2WD Le Mans Open
Steffi Wilhelm2WD Le Mans
Peter Smoll2WD Le Mans Open
Vasco Baiao 2WD Le Mans Open
Jens König2WD Le Mans Open
Heiner Wenner2WD Le Mans Open
Bill Kavleas2WD Le Mans Open
Dionisis Permetis2WD Le Mans Open
Andreas KuipersMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock
Ivo Thorhauer Mini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
Martin GrivalskyMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
Michael Dworski2WD Stock Open
Kai SchmelingMini-z Box Stock
Luis SchmelingMini-z Box Stock
Plovier Jp2WD Stock
Daniel Nibe2WD Stock Open
Mikael BengtssonOpen
Stephan HanssonMini-z Box Stock Open
Lasse LorenzenMini-z Box Stock
Enrico DroganMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock
Jesse Tuominen2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans Open
Mikko Uljua2WD Stock F1
Ingo Braun2WD Stock Open
Magnus Bengtsson2WD Le Mans Open
Freddan Karlsson2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans Open
Leo KohnMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock
Piet BünningOpen
Christian Lühr2WD Stock
Karsten DoseF1
Rüdiger BögeMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock
Julian Lepkojus2WD Stock
Simon Halver2WD Stock
Christian Zimmer 2WD Stock
Jan BenetkaMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock
Menson YuOpen
Alex AuOpen
Max BendelMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock
Christian Lühr2WD Stock

Racers by country (11):


Racers in categories:

2WD Stock 67
Open 52
2WD Le Mans 41
Mini-z Box Stock 23
F1 14


Reinbeker Straße 33
22145 Stapelfeld
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
(East of Hamburg, nearly to the Autobahn 1)

Around 40 parking places in front of the Track.

Distances to the Track:

  • Helmut-Schmidt-Airport Hamburg (HAM) 25 KM
  • Central Railway Station Hamburg 22 KM
  • Taxiride would be around 40-50€ to the Track
  • The world famous Partymile “Kiez” in the Heart of Hamburg is 25KM away.