1:28 World Championship

from the 1st to the 3rd of February 2019 in Pornic, France

Check the rules!!!

Reserve your accommodation!!!

The race will be performed with the RCM Professional and Robitronic Lapcounter. We will use the smooth RCP side. Tracksize will be around 14x8 Meters.

Food and Drinks are available at the Track

Registered racers (28):

Quentin Mariot2WD Stock F1
Valentin DingherMini-z Box Stock F1 Open
Karl-Heinz MöllerMini-z Box Stock 2WD Le Mans
Marius CatelainOpen
Frédéric Prudhomme2WD Stock Open
Felix Dumalanede 2WD Le Mans Open
Pep Rondineau2WD Stock F1
Otto Thekillian2WD Le Mans F1 Open
Franck Rondineau2WD Le Mans F1 Open
Christophe RenaudMini-z Box Stock 2WD Le Mans Open
Yannick Parnaudeau2WD Stock F1
Adrien Gelot2WD Stock
Thomas Robin2WD Le Mans Open
François MorosiniMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock
Kevin DegrendeleOpen
Ludovic AuffretF1 Open
Dominique BillyMini-z Box Stock 2WD Le Mans
Leiras2WD Le Mans Open
Sotiris Triantafyllou2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans Open
stephane chevrierMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock
Vasilis Kaleas2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans Open
Dionisis Permetis2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans Open
Valerio Petrucci2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans Open
Gauthier fichetOpen
Gregory Ghosarossian2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
Werner Pfetzing2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans
Thierry PereiraMini-z Box Stock 2WD Stock
Florian Kuipers2WD Stock 2WD Le Mans

Racers by country (4):


Racers in categories:

Open 16
2WD Stock 15
2WD Le Mans 15
F1 7
Mini-z Box Stock 7


Registration ends 1st of January

Registration fee

  • You will need to pay 50€ for the first class registration, for each additional class registration the fees are 10€
To pay:


Rue du Colonel Victor Bézier
44210 Pornic, France